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10-13 September 2008: The SPERTUS research group (member of the English Linguistcs Circle) organized the First International Conference on English Language Teaching and Learning (ICELTL1). The distinguished plenary speakers were David CrystalAmos ParanEddie WilliamsJeremy Harmer andJosé Manuel Vez Jeremías. The conference was held at the University of Santiago de Compostela.

10-11 May 2008: our postgraduate students organized the First ELC International Postgraduate Conference on English Linguistics (ELC1). Ingo Plag (University of Siegen), Geoffrey K. Pullum (University of Edinburgh) and Antonella Sorace (University of Edinburgh) participated as plenary speakers.Pictures

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ELC3 Postgraduate Conference

We are pleased to announce the Third International Postgraduate Conference on Language and Cognition (ELC3), to be held at the University of Santiago de Compostela...